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Why build a website?

So, Why build a website? First, what is a website? A website is a document that is engaged with via a web browser. It could be a brochure, a series of forms, or a collection of stories. As I see it, a website (web application, blog, etc) is a means to an end goal. The goal…
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Continuing education course selector

I was working with a mortgage loan officer training company that wanted to make it easy for loan officers to pick the courses they need. I didn’t design the UX but I did build the functionality. It is a straightforward solution with javascript. The relationships and NMLS requirements are statically written in a file. When the user inputs…
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Picking a Learning Management System

Picking an LMS is tuff. I have worked in the E-learning industry since 2009. During my time at an e-learning agency, I have seen over 100 courses created with different ‘thought leaders’ in business. It is hard enough to create a successful course without losing sleep over the technical challenges of managing a LMS.  …
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How to make your Website load faster.

Notice! This article doesn’t address application code efficiency which is the most important consideration for performance. Key ways to make your website load faster are to decrease webpage size, reduce the number of HTTP requests required and get the resources as close to the end user as possible. That’s it. Here are some tips on getting started.…
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