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Picking a Learning Management System

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Picking a Learning Management System

Picking an LMS is tuff.

I have worked in the E-learning industry since 2009. During my time at an e-learning agency, I have seen over 100 courses created with different ‘thought leaders’ in business.

It is hard enough to create a successful course without losing sleep over the technical challenges of managing a LMS.


The short version is, all LMS’s are imperfect, pick one that your team has the skills to operate.

Below is a short overview of the general options.


Self-hosted LMS.

It can be cost-effective to host your own LMS such as Coursepress.

You have control over the design layer. However, you are limited by the LMS and the team that builds it. You have complete control over the user experience but there is an ongoing cost for any change and you will need to be responsive to updates to the team that builds the LMS.

If you are non-technical and don’t have a web developer on staff I recommend you find a managed option. There will be a large switching cost if you try to switch LMS’s at any time after you go live.


Managed LMS

A managed LMS is the best option for the majority of self-starters and teams with limited skillsets.

There are limitations and drawbacks for sure.

You cant control the visual layer, you share your customers with other teachers, and you often don’t control your pricing.

The simple reason to use a managed option is you don’t have to worry about the website working. You are free to focus on the content and marketing.

I have used Thinkific in the past with success but there are countless options.



Masterclass is the star of the show in my eyes. From what I can tell they built their own LMS. If you have the funding, you know your market and hire the right people it is the correct move.




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