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Why build a website?

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Why build a website?

So, Why build a website?

First, what is a website? A website is a document that is engaged with via a web browser. It could be a brochure, a series of forms, or a collection of stories.

As I see it, a website (web application, blog, etc) is a means to an end goal. The goal is never to have “a cool website”. The goals are usually more like enable communication between everyone in the world (Facebook) or connect buyers and sellers from all over the world (Amazon, Alibaba).

You build a website to support your goals.

A website helps with communication and automation of tasks.

So the question is not really “why should I build a website”.

The question is not one question. It’s a few questions.  Do you need to communicate with a group of people that have internet access? Do you have the ability to communicate through writing, video, or audio? Are you available to nurture interest generated by your communication methods?

If you can answer yes to all those questions I think you are on the right track. A website can only help you connect and communicate with others if you know what you want to say and who you want to say it to.

Why build a website? Build one if you can use it to benefit yourself. Whatever that means to you.

The important thing is to define ‘why’ before you begin.


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